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Effective June 1, 2018 we will be upgrading the security for your debit card transactions when you “swipe” your card. (Does not apply when using a chip reader).  When you swipe your card you are asked if you would like to use “Debit” or “Credit”.  Up to this point if you choose “Credit” you are prompted for your signature, and if you choose “Debit” you are prompted for your PIN.  Effective June 1st please choose “Debit” and enter your PIN.  If you choose “Credit” the transaction may be denied. (This does not apply to restaurant or bar transactions).  The PIN number is the same one that you have set up for ATM cash withdrawals.  Requiring the use of a PIN enhances the security of your transactions and reduces the risk of fraudulent charges on your card. If you don’t remember your PIN, please ask and we can confirm your existing one or set up a new one.  If you would like more information we would be glad to answer any questions. 

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Just a warning to be on the look out

Cyber criminals have stolen 143 million credit records in the recent hacking scandal at big-three credit bureau Equifax. At this point you have to assume that the bad guys might have highly personal information that they can use to trick you. You need to watch out for the following things:

Phishing emails that claim to be from Equifax where you can check if your data was compromised

Phishing emails that claim there is a problem with a credit card, your credit record, or other  personal financial information.

Calls from scammers that claim they are from your bank or credit union.

Fraudulent charges on any credit card because your identity was stolen.

Here are 5 things you can do to prevent identity theft:

First sign up for credit monitoring (there are many companies providing that service)

If needed, freeze your credit files at the three major credit bureaus Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Remember that generally it is not possible to sign up for credit monitoring services after a freeze is in place. Advice for how to file a freeze is available here on a state-by-state basis:
   (Copy & Paste into your browser)

Check your credit reports via the free

Check your bank and credit card statements for any unauthorized activity

If you believe you may have been the victim of identity theft, here is a site where you can learn more about how to protect yourself: You can also call the center's toll-free number (888-400-5530) for advice on how to resolve identify-theft issues. All of the center's services are free.

And as always, Think Before You Click!


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