About Bank of Glen Ullin

The Bank of Glen Ullin was established as a North Dakota State charter bank at Glen Ullin, North Dakota, in December of 1944. It has operated continuously since that time. The Bank of Glen Ullin is insured and regulated by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The Bank offers the services of a modern financial institution while maintaining friendly, personal service with the integrity of a community bank where decisions are made locally.

The single location located at 106 South Ave W in Glen Ullin employs nine people, has a beautiful modern building with a drive-up lane, night deposit, onsite ATM  and off-site ATM locations at the Cenex Convenience Store, Glen Ullin Super Valu and Glen Ullin Public School. Our drive-up hours of service are from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM Monday thru Friday. Our lobby hours of service are from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM on Monday thru Friday .

The Bank of Glen Ullin's mission is to meet the needs of the market we serve by providing community leadership and quality financial services. Our employees are deeply involved in numerous community groups and activities. Our financial services include competitive loan and deposit rates, telephone banking, internet banking and remote deposit banking.

If we can provide better service to you, please don't hesitate to contact us in person or by phone at

701-348-3613 or 800-659-0928.

Non-Visa Debit Transaction Processing

We have enabled non-Visa debit transaction processing. This means you may use your Visa-branded debit card on a PIN-Debit Network* (a non-Visa network) without using a PIN.

The non-Visa debit network(s) for which such transactions are enabled are: STAR, PULSE, NYCE, COOP, and ACCEL/Exchange Networks.

Examples of the types of actions that you may be required to make to initiate a Visa transaction on your Visa-branded debit card include signing a receipt, providing a card number over the phone or via the Internet, or swiping the card through a point-of-sale terminal.

Examples of the types of actions you may be required to make to initiate a transaction on a PIN-Debit Network include initiating a payment directly with the biller (possibly via telephone, Internet, or kiosk locations), responding to a logo displayed at a payment site and choosing to direct payment through that network, and having your identity verified using known information derived from an existing relationship with you instead of through use of a PIN.

The provisions of your agreement with us relating only to Visa transactions are not applicable to non-Visa transactions. For example, the additional limits on liability (sometimes referred to as Visa's zero-liability program) and the streamlined error resolution procedures offered on Visa debit card transactions are not applicable to transactions processed on a PIN-Debit Network.

*Visa Rules generally define PIN-Debit Network as a non-Visa debit network that typically authenticates transactions by use of a personal identification number (PIN) but that is not generally known for having a card program.